Foot Pain

Foot pain can be sourced to a variety of causes that range from overuse, unexpected injuries, improper footwear, or medical conditions. If you are experiencing discomfort or foot pain and live in the greater Charlotte NC, vicinity, Dr. Kristine Strauss and her team of podiatric professionals at Charlotte Foot and Ankle Specialists can help treat the symptoms and cause of your foot pain.

Charlotte Foot & Ankle offers a wide range of services in one convenient location:   
- Youth to Adult Podiatric Services
- Diabetic wound care
- On site x-rays
- Minor office surgeries
- Laser nail therapy for nail fungus
- Sports Medicine
- General Podiatric concerns

We look forward to giving life back to our patients.  Whether, your experiencing heel, arch, toe or nail pain, Charlotte Foot & Ankle will provide you with the highest quality care you need.     

Dr Strauss will be happy to meet with you, evaluate, explain the nature of your foot problem and provide a treatment plan customized to your needs and problems.  Call us today to see if we can help you get back on your feet.

List of conditions we commonly see:   
- Athletes Foot - fungus   
- Athletic Injuries   
- Arch Disorders   
- Arthritis   
- Bunions   
- Burning/Neuropathic pain   
- Diabetics/Ulcers and Neuropathy
- Flat Feet   
- Fractures and Dislocations
-Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis
-Ingrown Toenails
-Skin Conditions
-Sports Medicine Problems
-Ulcers - Chronic Wounds
-Walking Problems

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If your ankle or foot pain has begun to impact your quality of life or daily routine, reach out to Dr. Strauss at Charlotte Foot and Ankle Specialists for a consultation and a customized treatment plan. The staff at Charlotte Foot and Ankle Specialists can be reached online or at 704-504-4000.

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